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Morphea (Localized Scleroderma) in a COVID-19 patient: A Case Report

Morphea (Localized Scleroderma) in a COVID-19 patient: A Case Report

Capalbo Alessandro1, Gagliostro Nazareno1, Balampanos Charalampos Georgios1, Bushati Vilma2, Persechino Flavia3, Giordano Domenico4, Persechino Severino4*

Journal Title: Journal of Clinical Immunology AND Microbiology

Since the COVID-19 pandemic raised all over the world a year ago, many dermatological manifestations have been reported in COVID-19 patients including alopecia areata, erythematous rash, widespread urticaria and chickenpox-like vesicles and Chilblain-Like Acral Skin Lesions. This is the first case reported of morphea in a 62 years old Caucasian woman diagnosed during recovery from Sars-Cov-2 pneumonia in January 2021. She presented to our clinic in Saint’ Andrea hospital in Rome with multiple white sclerotic skin lesions with erythematous halo (lilac ring) all over the trunk. After blood tests, HRCT, serological tests and skin biopsy the only clinical reference was COVID-19 infection. Therefore, knowing that COVID-19 is related to immunological mechanisms we assume that both conditions are related. The pathways of connection between morphea and COVID-19 are still unknown that’s why further studies are needed.