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Lyme Disease-An Emerging Metazoonosis of Public Health Concern

Lyme Disease-An Emerging Metazoonosis of Public Health Concern

Mahendra Pal1*

Journal Title: Journal of Clinical Immunology AND Microbiology

Recent decades witnessed the emergence of several zoonotic diseases, such as bird flu, Ebola disease, Nipah virus disease, severe acute respiratory syndrome, swine flu, COVID-19 and others [1]. The emergence of these zoonoses attracted the attention of national and international health authorities throughout the world. Emerging zoonoses caused by a variety of organisms like viruses, bacteria, fungi, Rickettsia, protozoa, and helminths, are significant causes of morbidity and mortality in humans as well as in animals. These diseases can occur in sporadic as well as epidemic form and are encountered in both sex, all age groups, in all seasons, in rural and urban settings, and in all climatic zones [1]. Several factors like rapid urbanization, industrialization, agricultural intensification, globalization of trade and travel, deforestation, natural disasters, social upheaval, construction of dam, and natural disasters etc. are driving the emergence of zoonotic diseases [1,2].