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Mr. Ashish Kumbhare, Mr. Manoj Chaudhari?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Cloud computing is rising field because of its performance, high availability, least cost and many others. Besides this companies are required there business from cloud computing because the dread of data leakage. Due lack of proper security control policy and weakness in protect which lead to many vulnerability in cloud computing. This thesis has been written to focus on the problem of data leakage and proposes a framework works in two phases. First phase which is known as Threats in cloud computing. In this phase we launch the attacks on the cloud server and analyze the impact of the attacks on server side. The name of the attacks which is launch on the cloud server is known as DDoS, ICMP and Malware attacks. Second phase is Data Security in which Data arrangement is done by client before storing the data.