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Socio-Demographic Profile And Health Problems of Beggars in An Urban Area

Dr Ravindra Balaram Gurav,

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The study was conducted on all beggars begging at Saibaba Temple located in Kalyan City, under Mumbai Metropolitan Region, Maharashtra. Total 113 (92 males and 21 females) beggars, were surveyed, clinically examined and treated. Of these 113 beggars, 70.80% were illiterate while 29.20% were literate. Surprisingly, one male beggar was commerce graduate. One female beggar had voter identity and ration card. 44.25% beggars were alcoholic.85.84% beggars were having their family either broken or with problem. Of these 113 beggars, 110(97.35%) were having one or more health problems. Majority of them i.e. 81(71.68%) were suffering from musculo-skeletal problems. Upper respiratory tract infections (20.91%), tuberculosis (07.08%) and leprosy (06.19%) were also seen prominently among them.