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Polticas pblicas y discapacidad: participacin y ejercicio de derechos (Artculo de Reflexin)

Carmen Liliana vila Rendn, Lida Maritza Gil Obando, Alexandra Lpez Lpez, Consuelo Vlez lvarez

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: the review of the public policies related to disability supposes the handling of terminology and meanings that usually is confused at an academic level. To clarify the concepts in disability is the basis for understanding the importance of the legitimacy of the guidelines issued and the recognition of the needs of the participating subjects, as part of exercising their rights. Objectives: theoretical and practical review of the aspects related to public policies on disability. A visualization of the importance of the participation of the disabled person in order to correctly exercise their rights. Methods: review of scientific literature that looks at articles in health specialized databases, (Ovid, Proquest, hinary, springer among others) which are treated as search parameters and disability public policy. Results: 44 original publications with adequate quality for the development of reflection were found. Conclusions: in the process of construing public policies the strategic interaction between the actors is fundamental, which is necessary in virtue of the interdependencies that exist, but at the same time try to go towards their own preferences. This allows for a complex interaction and for negotiation processes that derive from the collective and participative construction.