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Feocromocitoma bilateral: reporte de un caso

Dora Luisa Orjuela Zuluaga, Mara Elena Tello Cajiao, Daniel Andrs Torres ngel

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: pheochromocytoma is not a very common endocrine neoplasia which produces catecholamines, highly associated with cardiometabolic and secondary hypertension risks. In recent years, the prevalence of its increase has been demonstrated due to the diagnostic imagenological and biochemical advances, because most of these tumors are initially discovered as incidentalomas. Methods: the case of a patient is presented, 35 year old homemaker who consults due to symptoms consisting of episodes of cephalea, nausea, palpitations, paleness and sweat over a period of one year. Results: the diagnose was supported by the detection of high levels of catecholamines in the urine and later confirmation with an imagenological study: abdominal ultrasound scanning, contrasting CAT scan and gammagraphy with MIBG-131. Conclusion: the patient underwent surgery for bilateral adrenalactomy; it was confirmed by pathological anatomy: bilateral pheochromocytoma.