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Dependencia a la nicotina: desempeo psicomtrico de dos escalas en adultos

Adalberto Campo Arias, Edwin Herazo, Jaider Alfonso Barros Bermdez, Germn Eduardo Rueda Jaimes, Luis Alfonso Daz Martnez, Francisco J. Daz

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: to compare psychometric performance of the Fagerstrm Test Nicotine Dependence (FTND) and Cigarette Dependence Scale (CDS) among adults from Bucaramanga, Colombia. Method: one-hundred twenty-six current smokers completed the FTND and CDS. Cronbach alpha, sensitivity, specificity, predictive values, likelihood values, Cohen kappa, and ROC area were computed for each scale. The Compose International Diagnostic Interview was taken as the gold-standard. Internal consistencies and ROC curve were compared. Results: the FTND showedCronbach alpha of 0.72; sensitivity, 0.69; specificity, 0.71; positive predictive value, 0.90; negative predictive value, 0.40; positive likelihood value, 2.38; negative likelihood value, 0.43; Cohen kappa, 0.32; and ROC area, 0.74. The CDS presented Cronbach alpha of 0.90; sensitivity, 0.77; specificity, 0.71; positive predictive value, 0.90; negative predictive value, 0.47; positive likelihood value, 2.66; negative likelihood value, 0.33; Cohen kappa, 0.40; and ROC area, 0.80. Conclusions: the CDS exhibits better performance than FTND in smokers from Bucaramanga (Colombia).