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Concordancia interobservadores en retinoscopa esttica entre docentes y estudiantes de opto metra de una institucin universitaria de Bogot, Colombia

Diana Garca Lozada

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: optometry teachers to assess students, accept a difference of 0,50D in the retinoscopy but have not statistically evaluated, whether it is suitable for low and high ametropias.The objective of this study was to compare the interobserver agreement between optometry teachers and students in a study of static retinoscopy for high and low refractive errors. Methods: agreement study between 4 observers in 40 eyes, 20 with high and 20 with low refractive errors. Convenience non-probability sampling was performed. Statistical analysis performed with the intra-class correlation coefficient and graphical method of 95% limits of agreement. Results: concordance in spherical equivalent between four examiners was 0.78, 0.86 for low defects and 0.67 for high errors. Margin of error between teachers was 0.87D and students 3.15D. In low defects was 0.61D for teachers and 0.80D for students and in high defects 1.10D and 4.22D, respectively. Conclusions: retinoscopy reliability was higher among teachers. Teaching strategies should be formulated to allow a reduction in the obtained margins of error.