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Autoimmune Disease, Deceptional vs Logical Matrices & Informational Fidelity

Autoimmune Disease, Deceptional vs Logical Matrices & Informational Fidelity

Alexandros Senarelis-Sinaris

Journal Title:Journal of Clinical And Experimental Immunology

The continuous interplay between concreteness & randomness, the incessant interchange of conceivable, perceivable, comprehensible with the unknown, the mysterious, the abstruse & the consequential fractals from which infinite geometrical nexuses of bonds, forms of connections, pathways & associations appear as mazy combinations in a single cluster of seconds, with the true values alongside the false values to get involved & entangled to alterate, exchange perpetually their bipolar products to emerged matrices of obscure data, in which their noisy action & omnidirectional behavior of the reverberating echo of the abstract result confuses, bias & warps into one the physio-logical with the abnormal, the real with the mirroring, the tangible with the imaginery, the rational with the aberrant, the conscious with the subconscious, the psyche with the somatic, developing as a result an unconscious field of causative potentiallity, a kymatic burst of unexplained interactions & interpretations, which swirl the embedded hidden elements of distortion & delusion, in the end this horrorous deceptive complicated morphoma comes as the ultimate form of abyssal functioning against the humble simplicity and substract expression of the luminous linear true path of taintless logic.