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Reproducibilidad y concordancia para la Carta Snellen y LEA en la valoracin de la agudeza visual en infantes de primaria

Alejandro Len lvarez, Jorge Mario Estrada lvarez

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: the evaluation of the vision of an infant is determined using the visual acuity charts, although they are commonly referred to as the optotypes, of which the most frequently used is the Snellen. Objetive: to determinate test retest reliability and the agreement of two tests used to assess elementary school children visual acuity. Methods: we evaluated 61 visual healthy children (122 eyes) ages 7 through 10 enrolled in elementary school of Pereira. Visual acuity (VA) was measured with Snellen letters chart and LEA symbols chart by two evaluators. Results: the average of VA was 0.0 of logarithm of minimum angle of resolution (logMAR), the mean difference between the test was -0.05 (CI95% -0.064 to -0.037) logMAR; the coefficient of repeatability (COR) was better for LEA symbols and Snellen chart (0.08 and 0.12) than those reported in previous papers (0.15). Conclusion: the coefficient correlation Intraclass (CCI) has indicated a moderate concordance (0.493) and the 95% limits of agreement showed a wider difference between the both charts measurements as while visual acuity was better. LEA symbols and Snellen chart have showed good test retest reliability, although the variability between both measurements indicates that they are not interchangeable test.