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Prevalencia de cncer de cuello uterino y cncer de seno en Yopal, Casanare, Colombia

Nstor Gernimo, Oneida Castaeda, Yolima Reyes, Lina Sofa Morn, Omar Segura, Paola Hernndez Robayo

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Background: cervical cancer and breast cancer are the main causes for mortality due to cancer in the world. In Colombia, during the year 2004, breast cancer had the third place in deaths due to cancer among women, following cervical cancer and stomach cancer. The health authorities in Yopal, took interest in calculating the prevalence of cervical cancer/breast cancer through pap smears/mammary tissue taken via mammograms, in order to improve health measures and surgeries. Methods: transversal retrospective study; 13,461 records of pap smears performed on women between the ages of 10 93, from the program for prevention of cervical cancer among eleven health institutions and 2,182 records of mammograms taken for any reason, on women between the ages of 25 -97 in two certified IPS during 2008. Data analysis in Epi Info@ 3.5.1 through descriptive statistics. Results: for cervical cancer, the results came from the public sector of IPS 52.6%; private sector 43.1% and special regime 4.37%. The average age was 35.2 years old, rural area 11%. The Bethesda system of pathological classification reported an ASC-US 1, 77 prevalence. Of the 2,182 records of breast cancer, the average age was 50, 7 years old. According to the BIRADS diagnose the prevalence was BO=32.72. Conclusion: it is suggested that the reading of pap smear results be monitored; create actions directed toward the preservation of data and improving a guaranteed quality system in the IPS, when collecting samples through pap smears and mammogram images.