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Consumo de sustancias psicoactivas en la Universidad Tecnolgica de Pereira, Colombia

Julio Csar Mosquera M, Irina Artamnova, Vctor Samuel Mosquera A.

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: this article presents the results of a study of the prevalence of the consumption of psychoactive substances in the Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira UTP. Methods: a survey of the life styles of the students was designed and applied to 1,014 students in a population of 10,145 of the 24 different schools of the Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira, and it was analyzed with the aid of specialized software. Results: it was calculated that the total prevalence of the consumption of one or more illegal substances was 16.5%. Also, it was proven that the substances with greater prevalence of usage were: marihuana 10.0%, inhalable substances 7.8% and ecstasy 2.2. Conclusion: percentagewise, the consumption of psychoactive substances in the UTP is greater than in the entire Colombian population. This tendency is also validated if only young people of ages 18 24 are to be considered on a national level. The list of traditional drugs used by young people has extended to a very large variety of psychoactive substances, which are readily accessible at the University. A large percentage of the consumption of substances was associated with the free time that the students have: 30.3% in discos, bars, parties, amusement and in a very low percentage was associated with psychological problems 2.9%.