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Caracterizacin de familias en las localidades de la Florida, Samaria, Galn y San Nicols en Pereira, Colombia

Eliana Agudelo G., Mara Lucila Ayala H., Martha Luisa Ros I., Diana Marcela Gmez P., Leidy Jhoana Lpez V., Diana Carolina Taborda

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: the health condition in the life stages of individuals within the family system requires tools to guide the studies around the families, their characteristics, qualities, typologies, functionality and crisis among others. As a system, it is important for the individual development and allows the creation of interventions of the infirmary in health encouragement. Methods: study of the descriptive type. The instruments of family assessment were applied to 78 families. The families came from social status 1 and 2 in the urban and rural area of Pereira. Results: the intra family relationships studied are very strong, which means that in spite of the social conflicts that affect the family groups, the cultural value given to the family and its members remains. Conclusion: the families studied are not recognized as a susceptible system to be evaluated; all its members are self evaluated in an individual and isolated manner, away from the community, surroundings and family group.