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Caractersticas demogrficas y de consumo en pacientes adictos a herona o derivados de la coca

Carlos Isaza, Pedro Surez, Julieta Henao, Martha Gonzlez

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: the problem of psychoactive substances in Colombia is especially critical, because we suffer the triple condition of producer, exporter, and consumer country of illicit drugs. Methods: in this study we explored the characteristics of heroin and coca derivatives (crack, cocaine) intake in 120 men older than 16 years under treatment for drug abuse withdrawal in 13 therapeutic communities in the municipality of Pereira. Results: the average age of volunters was 3110 years (range: 16-59 years), 89% had levels between primary and secondary school education, only 20% were married or cohabiting and 30% had no social security. The age of first heroin or coca derivatives use was 16.56 years, 81% of them reported the existence of at least one family drug addict, coca derivatives consumption predominates over heroin (115/120 and 31/120, respectively), and 119 of 120 patients were multiple consumers. Conclusion: the demographic profile and consumption habits matches with reports of numerous epidemiological studies. Heroin use tends to focus on younger people, while rates of crack and cocaine use are spread across all ages.