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Olfactory Abnormalities and COVID; An Analysis of Hundred Cases

Olfactory Abnormalities and COVID; An Analysis of Hundred Cases

Minutha R, Sriram Nathan

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Otolaryngology

Introduction: With the recent pandemic of COVID Severe acute respiratory syndrome or SARS on the rise especially in the city, there has been an increase in the number of patients especially in the ENT out patient department with diagnosis of COVID. A common symptom of COVID and now a major symptom for diagnosis was the presence of loss of smell and taste to varying degree. We examined those patients with proven diagnosis of COVID and analysed the symptoms of Anosmia or Hyposmia in them. This is a short term study of three months where we analysed the patients encountered by the author in the time period. Over one hundred patients were encountered during this period and their assessment in respect to COVID was done and results presented. Some patients were seen in the out patient department, some in the operation theatre and during assessment as part of COVID triage. Materials and Methods: Patients were screened for common symptoms of COVID with special emphasis on olfactory anomalies and followed up. Observation: Olfactory symptoms were seen in a high number of patients (over 40 percent); this could be partially since the ENT practice will encounter these symptoms first. Conclusion: The study makes the conclusion that this is an established fact that Olfactory anomalies especially sudden Anosmia is an important indicator of COVID infection. Further evaluation is needed for the pathophysiology and treatment protocols and this will be more clear in the coming months. Keywords: COVID; Hyposmia; Anosmia