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Factores que inciden en la no realizacin de la citologa vaginal en las mujeres Bogotanas. 2008

lvaro L. Fajardo-Zapata, Francy J. Mndez-Casallas, Luis H. Molina

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: to identify the main factors that determine the womens decision to no practice the vaginal cytology in Bogot. Methods: according to a transversal descriptive study applied in 2008, among 418 Bogota women in Colombia, it was taken into account the following factors: socioeconomic, education, age and cultural. Results: this research found that 46 % expressed scared at the time of the cytology exam, this feeling is due to the possibility to diagnose cancer. Besides, there were other reasons such as: women felt assault, they were bored about previous instructions, they were ashamed, lazy and besides that they didnt feel sick or didnt know the reasons why they practice this exam. Conclusion: this study evidence the main factors that determine the Bogota womens decision to no practice the vaginal cytology.