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Cancer Therapy and Microfluidics

Cancer Therapy and Microfluidics

Saeid Moghassemi

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Cancer Biology

Microfluidics is a novel field that involves manipulating fluids in channels with diameters of tens of micrometers, which has got- ten a lot of attention in the recent decade, and there are a lot of different channel designs. Microfluidics might have an impact on everything from chemical synthesis to biological analysis to optics and information technology. However, it is still in its infancy [1- 3]. Cancer is one of the most common causes of death across the world and microfluidics has a lot of potential in cancer detection, and it's also becoming a popular technique for learning about can- cer biology. Researchers and formulation scientists are becoming more interested in microfluidic techniques due to their capacity to effectively evaluate new drug primary, saving money, material, and time, and the ability to manufacture various system morphologies from nano to microscale [4,5].