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Somatic Mutations and Cancer

Somatic Mutations and Cancer

Muhammad Saleem1, Munir Ahmed2, Aamir Ali Abro3 and Gang Chen1

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Cancer Biology

Most of the mutations that accumulate in somatic cells throughout the life time of a person do not have any effects but some mutations can cause serious consequences like cancer (which after originating from a a single cell due to mutations in the genome starts to behave abnormally). There was a limited information of mutational processes and its consequences but recent advances in genome sequencing technologies due to unprecedented efforts has greatly revolutionized our understandings in this regard. In this review, I have briefly summarized about our current knowledge of the somatic mutations that that lead to cancer, its causes, possible ways which we are using for further studies and future premises. Keywords: Somatic Mutations; Cancer; Aging; Genome; Repair Mechanism; Driver Mutations; Passenger Mutations; DNA Sequencing Technology