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Meningocele to rcico y lumbar asociada con neurofibromatosis tipo 1. A propsito de un caso

William Arciniegas, Juan Jos Ospina Ramrez, Vctor Hugo Ruiz

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: this is the service of internal medicine at San Jorge University Hospital, the case of a patient of 48 years with a diagnosis of neurofibromatosis type 1. Who had symptoms of 3 months of dyspnea, chest pain, and left little cough. Methods and results: we find in the chest CT scan left intrathoracic cyst corresponding to a lateral thoracic meningocele associated with multiple malformations of spine and plexiform neurofibromas, simultaneously, presenting a posterior sacral meningocele, both with progressive growth for six years. Discussion: the meningocele is a rare disease usually associated with neurofibromatosis type 1. Few cases described in the literature and sacred synchronous intrathoracic meningocele.