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Improved Accuracy Distribution Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks?

Asmaa Q. Shareef, Maad M. Mijwel?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Localization system is important when there is an uncertainty of the exact location of some fixed or mobile devices. In this paper, the problem of localization system to estimate the position of randomly deployed nodes of a wireless sensor network (WSN) is addressed, a propose algorithm named Improved Accuracy Distribution localization for wireless sensor networks (IADLoc) is issued, it is used to minimize the error rate of localization without any additional hardware cost and minimum energy consumption and also is decentralized implementation. The IADLoc is a range free and range based localization algorithm that uses both type of antenna (directional and omni-directional), it allows sensors determine their location based on the region of intersection (ROI) when the beacon nodes send the information to the sink node and the latter sends this information to the sensors relying on the antenna.