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Paper Details

Cloud Testing: A Review Article?

Radhika Batra, Naveen Sharma

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Today Cloud computing is emerging as a new technology in corporate world and organization. Cloud testing is a form of software testing in which web applications use cloud computing environments (i.e. a "cloud") to handle with real-world user traffic by using various cloud technologies and solutions. Cloud computing leads an opportunity in offering testing as a service (TaaS) for SaaS and clouds. But at the same time, it causes new issues, challenges and needs in software testing, particular in the field of 1) testing clouds and 2) cloud-based applications. In this paper we discus some basic concepts of cloud testing, its type and major issues and challenges comes in this field. The paper also gives light on the benefits of cloud testing over conventional software testing.