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Earthquake Reporting System by Using Real Time Nature of Twitter?

SK.Haseena, P.Sandeep Reddy, Dr. M.V Siva Prasad?

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

TWITTER, a popular microblogging service, an important characteristic of Twitter is its real-time nature. We analyze the real-time interaction of events such as earthquakes in Twitter and propose an algorithm to monitor tweets and to detect a target event. To detect a target event, we devise a classifier of tweets based on features such as the keywords in a tweet, the number of words, and their context. Subsequently, we propose a probabilistic spatiotemporal model for the target event that can find the center of the event location. We regard each Twitter user as a sensor and apply particle filtering, which are widely used for location estimation. The particle filter works better than other comparable methods for estimating the locations of target events.