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Pediatric Dentistry: Challenges during COVID-19 Pandemic

Pediatric Dentistry: Challenges during COVID-19 Pandemic

Sanhati Biswas1, Puloma Bagchi1, Nilotpol Kashyap2*

Journal Title: Journal of Dental Health and Oral Research

In the present scenario when the whole world is fighting against the deadly COVID-19 virus, oral health of children is of great concern for the pediatric dentists. Children are now unwillingly locked inside their home and as a result they are in continuous habit of frequent food intake which is giving rise to various oral health issues. Various researches have also suggested children may play role as asymptomatic carrier of the infection and may lead to further spread of infection, but mortality rate is very negligible. So it is important to provide preventive measures for children for better oral health with minimal intervention and by remote information and education of caregivers and by using teledentistry. Moreover it is of utmost importance to follow the protective protocols while treating the child patients in the dental clinic to prevent cross-infection. This review is aimed at providing information regarding management of pediatric dental patients in midst of ongoing pandemic by following necessary protocols and preventive measures to prevent spread of COVID-19.