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Nivel de Actividad Fsica en personal de empleados de la Universidad Tecnolgica de Pereira, UTP 2008

Carlos Danilo Zapata Valencia, Jos William Martnez, Carlos Eduardo Nieto Garca

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: during the investigation process for the prevention of non-transmissible chronic diseases conducted at the Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira, the teaching and administrative population was characterized in terms of their practice of regular physical activity. Methods: the study of a descriptive character, evaluated a sample of men and women, by means of their level of physical activity (short IPAQ) to which the Craig algorithm was applied (modified) in order to determine the appropriate and not appropriate degree of these levels. The information was entered into a data base SPSS version 17.0, in order to establish the frequency tables. Results: the majority of the population takes walks, followed by other physical activities of moderate or vigorous intensity, but they do not fulfill the international fitting criteria established for the level of physical activity for good health. Conclusions: these findings confirm the need to strengthen the programs for a Healthy University, based on the implementation of social teaching and mobilization strategies for the promotion of physical activity.