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Caracterizacin de imaginarios de los empleados de la UTP con relacin a la prctica de la actividad fsica: 2008

Jos Carlos Giraldo Trujillo, Carlos Danilo Zapata Valencia, Patricia Granada Echeverry

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: characterize the employee population of the Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira, according to their knowledge, barriers and attitude towards physical activity. Methods: sample of 140 people (docents and administrative) evaluated by means of a survey designed and guaranteed internationally by the Programa Agita Sao Paulo. The data was included in an excel database and exported to the SPSS program, in order to establish the frequency tables and univaried analysis. Results: the evaluated employees have good knowledge of physical activity, but the stage of change of behavior in most of them is contemplative, meaning that they recognize the importance of a regular practice of physical activity, but they dont make the decision to incorporate it into their everyday lives. Among the recommendations for a healthy life, physical activity came in third place among the administrative staff and second for docents; while the main cultural barriers for not performing physical activity were: lack of self discipline, lack of time, inadequate weather and the need to rest during their free time. Conclusion: these findings confirm those found in previous work in the state of Risaralda and reinforce the idea of the need to strengthen the programs to promote physical activity.