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Accesibilidad a acciones de promocin de la salud y prevencin de poblacin hipertensa de Pereira, Colombia, 2008. La mirada del paciente

Liliana Patricia Muoz, Mara del Pilar Cerezo Correa, Mara Cecilia Gonzlez Robledo, Alba Luca Paz Delgado, Cecilia Realpe Delgado, Consuelo Vlez lvarez, Silvia Clemencia Vlez Baena, Liliana Quintero lvarez

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: the accessibility to promotional and preventive services for the hypertensive population, is one of the strategies of public health, in order to reduce the risks of getting sick and dying in this population. Evaluating the obstacles to access these services, allows the reorientation of healthy policies, in order to be able to guarantee a good quality of life and decrease the inequality. Methods: descriptive study of 422 hypertensive people, which evaluated their perceptions of promotional and preventive actions. Results: patients from different health institutions participated. 70.5% with equal or lesser monthly incomes to the minimum salary wage, low schooling; only 8% has access to programs of physical activity. Conclusions: the accessibility is determined by 5 components and the promotional and preventive services are guaranteed among the lower income population that belongs to the subsidiary regime: participating in health clubs and executing physical activity. These findings were not found in the population with a regime by contribution.