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Angela Mara Segura Cardona

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Teaching and research are fundamental aspects of life in higher education nevertheless the nature of their relationship has created a divide amongst university lecturers. There are those who view teaching and research as two sides of the same coin, providing in this way a rounded education for the students as well as contributing to the general ethos of the institution, its Vision and its Mission. On the other hand there are those who consider the relationship between the two as idealistic, preferring to perceive of research and teaching as incompatible activities. The aim of this document is twofold. Firstly to contribute to current discussions on the subject; secondly to highlight ways in which the roles of teacher and researcher may be unified in the person of the university lecturer. Such is the desire of all universities that consider the pillars of teaching, research and outreach to be an integral part of their mission statement, not to mention a fundamental component of their common institutional policy. By way of conclusion a possible Teaching and Research Integration Strategy (PIDI) is proposed, a strategy that could have significant benefits for the University of Antioquias 2016 projections insofar as it deals with the question of teacher-cum-researcher. The strategy is presented in four stages: awareness raising, training, integration and motivation.