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Carlos Villareal, David Buelvas, Lina Morn, Esperanza Gmez, Orlando Castillo

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Antecedents: whooping cough is an acute respiratory disease that is highly contagious, particularly within confined areas such as family units or shared domestic spaces. In February 2008 an outbreak of whooping cough was reported and cases of the respiratory illness corroborated by epidemiological analysis. Of these cases a certain number had not received a certified vaccine, in addition to which they lacked the sufficient clinical and epidemiological detail to determine the nature of the illness. Methods: a field study of a cross section of the population was undertaken. The nature of the case was confirmed in the laboratory and by epidemiological analysis. At the same time an eradication plan was implemented at an institutional and national level, a policy of mass vaccination was instigated and a process for monitoring the coverage of the vaccinations across the population was rapidly introduced. Chemical prophylactic antidotes were also introduced. Results: one case was confirmed by the laboratory and 4 by epidemiological analysis. The incubation period was established at =16.2 days; the total households affected was 33% (5/15). Of the 52 houses visited 42 were declared safe, there was no sign of child absenteeism in the institutions visited and 100% coverage was recorded across the state. Of the 24170 cases that were registered and attended to, 3227 had compatible diagnoses, 17 were marked as likely cases of whooping cough and 7 were followed up in investigation. Conclusions: there are difficulties in detecting cases of whooping cough and not enough incidents are reported to SIVIGILA, laboratory diagnosis, which could isolate the bacteria is problematic. It is indispensable that all health institutions raise awareness of the condition and that the resources of the public health laboratories be improved.