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Autoestima y sexualidad en adolescentes: validacin de una escala

David Catao Toro, Samuel Alberto Restrepo, Nicols David Portilla, Hctor David Ramrez

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Self-estem is the way in which each person is valued and therefore confident in itself why its significance is crucial in making decisions of each individual, like the decision to become pregnant at a specific age. This study seeks to validate a test to assess adolescent self-esteem. Metodology: We performed a literature review and decided to make a cultural validation of the test area-Specific Self Steem Scale, edited by the Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia1, which was divided into two parts, identified a high level and a low level of self-esteem respectively. The test was introduced adapted to a college education mean Alcal town of 16000 people in the coffee region of Colombia, from the northern Valle del Cauca. The results were analyzed by STATA 10. The outcome: The test identification of high self-esteem has a high reliability (Cronbachs alpha = 0,737) and the test has a low self-esteem reliability (Cronbachs alpha = 0.82). The test has a high self-esteem predictive capability of 0,709 and low self-esteem had a predictive ability approaching 100%. The outcomes to test high esteem sensitivity of 96.61% and a specificity approaching 100%. The definition of a good self-esteem, they would be properly classified the 98.45%. Conclusion: Them we could say that this study validates the test of high and low self-esteem as a useful tool for measuring the level of self-esteem of a population whose results serve as a baseline for measurement and subsequent interventions that seek to improve work in high-risk behavior among adolescents.