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Adriana Milena Espinosa Lpez, Carolina Monsalve Caldern, Sandra Janeth Rodrguez Taborda, Doris Cardona Arango

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

This article looks for to call the attention on the abandonment of the minors on the part of its parents and its intention is that conscience is taken from those social behaviors that affect and place in an irregular situation to the childhood and Envigadea youth. Objective: To explore the sociodemografic characteristics of the minors in irregular situation (abandonment or danger), the plaintiff and the defendant, of the cases reported in the Comisara Segunda de Familia del Municipio de Envigado (Antioquia), 2000-2004, that allow to make an opportune diagnosis that allows to the implementation of new strategies for the promotion and prevention of this situation. Materials and methods: Secondary source provided by the Comisara Segunda de Familia, corresponding to years 2000 to 2004, equivalent to 82 cases of minors in irregular situation. Results: 37% of the minors in irregular situation had ages between 5 and 9 years (average 7 years); the percentage of cases reported without education was minimum. The defendants are women in 85%, with ages between 25 and 29 years of age, pertaining to socioeconomic level 2 and 3 of zones 6 and 9 of Envigado and in 97% of the cases, left a son. 77% of the plaintiffs, went personally of who 70% had secondary formation and a 20% of the denunciations were called telephone anonymous, which does not allow one complete sociodemografic characterization of them. Conclusions: The smaller infants are the main victims of the abandonment and the mothers the main causes of situations of minors in irregular situation (abandonment or danger), according to the cases reported before the Comisara Segunda de Familia del Municipio de Envigado (Antioquia), 2000-2004.