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Margarita Gmez ngel, Jorge Euclides Tello Durn, Liliana Patricia Muoz Snchez

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

Introduction: Food security in the department of Risaralda is a policy handled through the creation of networks that strengthen the food industry and other sectors. Based on a proposal from academic sources, the project Development of a Beekeeping Center in the Department of Risaralda was undertaken between 2004 and 2006 with contributions from the state and private organizations. Its primary goal was to strengthen the Association of Risaralda of Apiculture (ARA), which was characterized by small-scale production mainly by small landowners. Methodology: The proposed objectives included the following: improvement of production, beginning with the strengthening of the ARA; a diagnostic of the genetic and technical state of the apiaries; the development of a program of genetic improvement through the insertion of new queen bees in less productive apiaries; knowledge of the physic-chemical, microbiological, and nutritional properties of honey; and the evaluation of sanitation conditions. Results: The beekeepers managed to improve the quality and diversity of the derivatives of the beehives through their experience generated through research which increased their qualifications and motivation to improve their labor as producers. From this process there has developed an on-going systemization of experiences which gathers the knowledge derived from the implemented methodology so that the ARA has been strengthened as an organization. Conclusions: One of the great motivators for the organization was the economic vision and the technical scientific backing from institutions of higher education for the development of confidence in beekeeping production as well as the recognition of achievements, the meetings to conduct evaluation, and the definition of involvement of different associations, the motivation provided by teamwork, and the institutional participation in research.