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DIAGNSTICO SOBRE BIOSEGURIDAD Y MANEJO DE RESIDUOS TANATOPRXICOS EN MORGUES, crematorios, depsitos de cadveres de cementerios y hospitales. Risaralda 2006.

Carmen Luisa Betancur Pulgarn, John Jairo Ocampo Rincn, Alberto Medina Crdova

Journal Title:Investigaciones ANDINA

The development of thanatopraxic activities requires from the institutions and the officials that carry out them, the fulfillment of universal norms that provide safety in front of the risk. In Colombia, Decree 2676 from 2000, offers the juridical support for the application and monitoring of the mentioned norms. In this study, that was done during the last trimester of 2006, through the application of a guide of monitoring of the fulfillment of biosafety norms and handling of thanatopraxic and chemical residues in morgues, crematoriums, mortuaries of cemeteries and hospitals of the public network of Risaralda, the weaknesses on the training and fulfillment of these parameters were detected. In the department of Risaralda, it becomes necessary to qualify this stripe of population in the observed components and in the topics related to the thanatopractic procedures. The Police or the District attorneys office trains some technicians in thanatopraxy of Legal Medicine; but the majority of the technicians of other institutions obtain knowledge and training through partners, relatives or friends.