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Patriarchy, Feudalism and Colonialism in Sunlight on a Broken Column

Atul kumar M. Parmar


According to Simon de Beauvoir: The curse that is upon woma n as vassal consists...in the fact that she is not permitted to do anything; so she persists in the vain pursuit of her true being through narcissism, love or religion. 1 But Attia Hosains respects her religion and thus she is not as radical as de Beauvoi r. She mentions her views on religion thus : To me religion was that... well drawing everybody together. It was never out of my mind that I was a Muslim. 2 So in Attia Hosain s critique of the patriarchal construction of Muslim society is not directed to Isl am, rather she opposes the patriarchy for its interpretation of religion as a tool to perpetuate its domination over women. She firmly believes that by just pushing women out of domestic boundaries doe s not provide freedom for women but their cerebral impr isonment should be wiped out to enhance them. Though she stays in England, Attias roots are indigenous. In order to emancipate women she prefers not to imitate the west blindly but she prefers to expose an association of colonialism, feudalism and patriar chy that suppress women as depicted in Sunlight on a Broken Column .