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Textile Export Promotion in India-Salient Features

Dr.G. Yoganandan

Journal Title:Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science

Textiles are indispensable part of human civilization. By classifying cloth as one of the basic needs of an individual along with food and shelter, the humanity accepted its importance in the human life. In textiles, the fibres are the fundamental unit or building bloc of the yarn. A fibre is defined as any product capable of being woven or otherwise made into a fabric. Government of India has taken many export promotion measures in the past and also pursuing many schemes at this moment in order to promote textile exports from India. In November 2000, the government of India announced the New Textile Policy 2000 to facilitate the textile industry to attain and sustain a pre-eminent global standing in the manufacture and export of clothing. At this juncture, the government of India has to find innovative ways of promoting textile exports from India particularly, focusing on skill development and creating a congenial environment for new entrepreneurs to enter into this industry