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Design and Optimization of Aceclofenac Sustained Release Matrix Tablets Using 32 Factorial Design

Raavi Kishna Swetha, K. S. G. Arul Kumaran, Jenila B, Ganesh P C, Sravan Kumar Y

Journal Title:Indian Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Design, development and optimization of Aceclofenac SR matrix tablets by direct compression technique. It is composed of two different ratios of waxes. The optimization was carried out by using 32 factorial designs with Design Expert Software. IR studies reveled that drug and the waxes are compatible with each other. The tablets were subjected for various evaluations like pre and post compression parameters. All the parameters are within the limits. The release profile showed that as the concentration of bees wax increases the drug release decreases and it was not steady after definite concentration of bees wax. This may due to poor binding between the drug and waxes. The formulation (F7) with the ratios of 0.31:0.15 bees and lanette waxes respectively Show best sustained release and flow property. The dissolution profile showed 58.74% at 8th hr. It was observed that the bees and lanette waxes fulfilled the conditions for an optimum formulation for sustain release.