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ISSN(p):2232-714X | ISSN(e):2232-8556

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Current Research in Drug Nanocrystals Technology

Anita P. Patel, Jayvadan. K. Patel, Vibha R. Champavat

Journal Title:Indian Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Nanotechnology will affect our lives tremendously over the next decade in many diverse fields, including pharmacy and medicine. Transfer of materials to the nanodimension changes their physical properties which are used in pharmaceutics to develop a new innovative formulation principle for poorly soluble drugs: the drug nanocrystals. Development of poorly soluble and/or permeable drug molecules using nanocrystal formulations has proven to be highly successful due to the greater surface/volume ratio, ensuing in improvements in dissolution and bioavailability as well as enhanced permeability. The drug nanocrystals do not belong to the future; the first products are already on the market. The industrially relevant production techniques, pearl milling and high pressure homogenization, are reviewed and also the physics behind the drug nanocrystals and changes of their physical properties are discussed earlier. Drug nanocrystals consist of the pure poorly water-soluble drug without any matrix material means carrier free drug delivery system. This opinion focuses on recent developments in the preparation of nanocrystals and the role of surface properties on optimizing dissolution and targeted delivery.