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Growth Impairment and Dental Caries in Thalassemia Major Patiens

Manali Arora, SM Nayeemuddin, Surajit Ghatak, Brijendra Singh

Journal Title:Indian Journal of Clinical Anatomy and Physiology

Background: The aim of present study was to determine whether beta-thalassemia major is associated with an increased risk of growth retardation and dental caries. Methods: Anthropometric measurement were used to study the physical growth of 50 thalassemic patients and compared with 50 age- matched healthy controls from Jodhpur district of Rajasthan. DMFT and DMFS scores were also measured and compared with age- matched controls. Results: Both thalassemic diseases of male and female patients were shown to have statistically significant lower height, weight, body mass index, mid arm circumference, chest circumference and head circumference (but not height and head circumference in age group 2-10years) as compared to normal patients with comparable sex and ages. A highly significant difference was observed when all anthropometric parameters of thalassemic males and healthy males were compared but a non-significant difference was seen between thalassemic females and healthy females of control group. Dental caries were significantly higher in thalassemics.