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A Study of Arterial Dominance in Human Hearts by Perfusion Method

Dr. Pradeep Singh, Dr. Vasundra Kulshrestha, Dr.Brijendra Singh

Journal Title:Indian Journal of Clinical Anatomy and Physiology

A study was conducted in 15 postmortem human hearts in anatomy department of S.N.Medical College, Agra. Methyviolet dye and Neutral red dye was injected in left coronary and right coronary arteries respectively to delineate the areas perfused by them. The areas appeared by diffusion of dye from respective arteries is then plotted on graph paper and minimum and maximum areas were measured. The mean surface area perfused by right coronary artery was 12442.4 sq.mm and left coronary artery was 11127.13 sq.mm. Thus, our study showed right coronary artery dominance.