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Effect of Regular Practicing Bharatnatyam Dancing Exercise on Body Fat of Urban Female Teenagers

Neepa Banerjee, Surjani Chatterjee, Sreejita Kundu, Shatabdi Bhattacharjee and Shankarashis Mukherj

Journal Title:Indian Journal of Clinical Anatomy and Physiology

Recently for obesity management approach, body fat has got the prime importance as because it has been identified not the body weight but actually the body fat plays the crucial role for predisposition of various metabolic diseases. To address the problem, regular practicing physical activity is a growing choice. On the other hand, dance is a traditional form of recreational activity involving different body movements and requiring body flexibility. From this point of view, present work has been designed to study the impact of receiving training on Bharatnatyam dancing and practicing it regularly as an exercise on body fat in female teenagers of Kolkata. It has been found that individuals receiving Bharatnatyam dancing training for at least a period of five years and practicing it regularly for at least a period of half an hour have significant favorable value of body fat compared to their age and gender matched individuals of similar socioeconomic condition leading otherwise sedentary lifestyle.