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Embryological, radiological and surgical perspects of Duplicated ureter with bilateral aberrant renal arteries - A case report

Dr. Vivek Mishra, Dr. Mrinal P Barua

Journal Title:Indian Journal of Clinical Anatomy and Physiology

Duplicated ureter is relatively common congenital anomaly of urinary system and the knowledge of these congenital anomalies along with variations of renal vasculature is must for interventional radiologist, urologist and laproscopic surgeons for urological procedures and intrarenal or pelvic surgeries. In this reported case, the presence of duplicated ureter on left side was seen in 50 years old female with bilateral aberrant renal arteries, both arising from ventral aspect of abdominal aorta 2-3 cms above the bifurcation of aorta. Patients are usually asymptomatic need not to be intervened but if symptoms of urinary tract infections or renal functions impairments appear urgent interventions are must.