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Ashwini Kumar, Sowmya Shashidhara, Shankar M Bakkannavar, Shyla Bhat, Pradeep Kumar G, Vikram Palima

Journal Title:Indian Journal of Forensic and Community Medicine

Sudden death is a mysterious death which is difficult to diagnose. As per WHO, it is defined as death within 24 hours from the onset of symptoms. Diseases of the cardiovascular system account for about 45% of sudden deaths. Among diseases of the cardiovascular system, occlusive coronary heart disease is the most important cause of sudden death. Occasionally sudden death may result from hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy in which a portion of myocardium is hypertrophied. It is perhaps known as a leading cause of sudden cardiac death in young athletes. Younger people are likely to have a more severe form of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. One of the other commonest causes of cardiac hypertrophy is athletic heart syndrome. Differentiation as to cause behind hypertrophy needs to be done in such cases. Herby we present a case of a 20 year old male who was found struggling in the bed in the morning hours and was brought dead to the hospital. As it was a sudden death, necropsy was done.