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The influence of co-morbidities and gender differences in causation of physical disability among elderly individuals of north-west Rajasthan

Sitaram Gupta, Pankaj Kumar Gupta, Surendra Singh Sekhawat

Journal Title:The Journal of Community Health Management

Background: India along with other developing countries experienced a significant rise in the population of elderly owe to better health care services and improved living conditions. This is been accompanied with several socioeconomic and health related problems including physical disabilities. This study was aimed - To know the relationship of physical disability with gender and morbidity status of elderly individuals. Methodology: This was community based cross sectional study done at Udairamsar (Rural health training center under department of community medicine). Study was conducted with 382 elderly. Current morbidities of these were assessed by asking for prescription and investigations done at site. Physical disability was assessed using Rapid disability rating scale-2 Results: Out of 382 elderly 46.85% were males, rest were female. 230 elderly belongs to 60-69yrs age group, 121 from 70-79yrs and 31 from 80 years and above age group. Nearly 75% elderly were having one or more morbidities (77.33% among women and 71.515 among men). Average number of morbidities per elderly was 2.25. The mean disability score of study population was found to be (31.48 + 3.7), females were having higher MDS (28.6 + 3.5) than males (34.01 + 4.1) which was found statistically significant. MDS among elderly having none, 1-2, 3-4 and >4 morbidities was 24.76 + 3.5, 29.15 + 4.2, 33.41 + 4.3 and 42.05 + 5.8 respectively. This difference was found to statistically significant (P