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Geriatric nutritional status in rural areas of Varanasi

Ravi Shankar, A. Mohapatra and SC Mohapatra

Journal Title:The Journal of Community Health Management

Background: Old age is a significant phase in person's life. Good health in this phase of life is the pre- requisite to good "Quality of life" and adequate nutrition is key to good health. The prevalence of chronic disease and functional disabilities including nutrition related problems increase steadily with the ageing. Ageing is associated with predictable changes in physiology and function, income, health and psychological well being with the potential impact on diet and nutrition status of the elderly. Objective: The specific objective of this study was to carry out dietary and an anthropometric assessment of the respondents for their nutritional profile. Methods- In order to assess the nutritional status of the elderly people, a field based cross sectional study was carried out in two selected villages in Rural Field Practice Area in Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh. Two hundred forty individuals were included in the study. Anthropometric used and indices computed were as per standard technique. Results: The majority of study subjects {71.24%) had energy intake below the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) by ICMR. Almost all elderly individuals (98.75%) consumed iron in amount less than recommended dietary allowance (RDA). In all, 50% of the elderly people had BMI < 18.5 and these subjects were suffering from chronic energy deficiency (CED). Significantly higher percentage of individuals' ?70 years of age. (59.21%) had chronic energy deficiency than those between 60-69 years (45.12%) [c2=4.17,df=1 p25. Chronic energy deficiency increases significantly with lowering of socio economic status [c2=32.82,df=2 p