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Knowledge, attitude, and practice as regard sex determination & gender preference among Pregnant women attending ANC clinic in District Hospital Ujjain, MP

Deepak Pippal,Y Sabde, Manjusha Pippal

Journal Title:The Journal of Community Health Management

Knowledge, attitude and practice studies have lost their academic importance, since inspite of millions of KAP studies nothing is being contributed to the science (Mohapatra, 1992). However, it is expected that most Indian women, during their pregnancy, want a male child and therefore go for sex determination. The present study was therefore, undertaken to find out as to what the women know and what they do in order to justify their desire of offspring. A total of 350 female were enrolled in study over a period of month. The mean age of women was 29.04 6.26 yrs (minimum age-20 yrs, maximum age 50 yrs). It was observed that about 21% women desire more male children than girls, while 4% women need only male children. Thus the male child preference of women amounts to 25% of women under observation. Study reveals that women who was in antenatal state showed significantly higher interest in fetal sex determination ( c2 = 27.008, df = 2, p