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Honey as a potent natural supplement for diverse human ailments

Surekha L. Chavan, Revati S. Deshmukh, Harsh Parekh and Pratap N. Mukhopadhyaya

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Science

The use of natural honey (NH) as a medicinal agent is associated with a vast range of health benefits and therapeutic promises. The tradition of using honey as a potent food supplementation and medicinal component exist in several countries cutting across traditions and civilizations. This review revisits the wide spectrum of medicinal properties that are associated with honey in the light of modern research and attempts to impart the much needed data required to provide this natural food the status of evidence based medicine. Subjects as diverse as diabetes, cardiology and ophthalmology were covered where beneficial medical properties of honey has been demonstrated and the review was concluded by identifying few safety aspects that are required to be known while using natural, unprocessed honey. Keywords: Honey, medicine, diabetes, cardiovascular, dental