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Veno-Venosus-ECMO support in a patient with ARDS after aortic dissection surgery: A novel double finding

Truscelli G, Iaconi M, Collacchi D, Manganelli C, Crespini C, Lamarra S, Vita S, Costanzo F, Piscioneri F, Morabito S, Tritapepe L

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Science

Veno-Venosus-ECMO (vv-ECMO) represents a life support treatment in patients with an acute respiratory failure. The association between H1N1 and ECMO is reported. However, the correlation between vv-ECMO with post-operative acute respiratory failure, following aortic dissection was not found. So, we describe a double novel finding: a post-operative ARDS, after aortic dissection, treated with vv-ECMO in a patient with H1N1 infection. Keyword: Vv-ECMO, H1N1, acute aortic dissection, ARDS, Sofa score, Oxygentation index, multiorgan failure, Sofa delta score