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The bacterial biofilm and importance to human health

Marcos Flores-Encarnacin, Jennifer Yanine-Gutirrez Gonzlez, Jos Luis Meza de la Rosa, Carlos Cabrera-Maldonado, Ricardo Carreo-Lpez, Rosa Mara Nava Nolazco, Silvia Garca-Garca, Gloria Len-Tello

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Science

Biofilms are a population of cells that grown attached to a surface involved in exopolysaccharide matrix which protects them from attack by antibiotics or immune system. Over 60% of all microbial infections are caused by biofilms which increasing the resistance to antimicrobials throungh of several mechanisms including: synthesis of extracellular polymers (physical barrier effect), enzymatic modification of antimicrobials, decrease of bacterial growth rate, phenotypic changes in bacterial cells as a result of the acquisition of resistance genes within the biofilm, and the persistence of a small group of cells in the bacterial community. Biofilm is usually associated with the infectious processes, however it is clear that some of them may have a protective role as is the normal flora. Keywords: Biofilms, Bacterium, Antimicrobial, Exopolysaccharydes, Matrix