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Evaluation of pseudothrombocytopenia causes

Sema Akinci, Tuba Hacibekiroglu, Tekin Guney, Kamile Silay, Abdulkadir Basturk, Sule Mine Bakanay, Muhammed Bulent Akinci, Arife Ulas, Imdat Dilek

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Science

A?m: In this single center study, subjects who had thrombocytopenia on the complete blood count were evaluated for pseudothrombocytopenia. We aim to evaluate the reasons of pseudothrombocytopenia who referred to outpatient hematology clinic for further investigation. Methods: A total of 220 patients who were referred to hematology outpatient clinics with low platelet counts (< 150x109/L) were included in the study. 107 (48,6%) were female and 113 (51,4%) were male. Initially; the patients complete blood counts (CBC) were studied with ROCHE SYSMEX EX 2100 device. Then peripheric smears of these blood samples were reviewed by experienced hematologist to evaluate thrombocyte count and morphology. Pseudothrombocytopenia was defined if the trombocyte count was found higher than CBC with peripheral smear. Results: In this study, we have demonstrated that 16,8% of the patients with thrombocytopenia (