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Epidemiological study of mental disorders in Gharb Region (North-West) of Morocco

Dakir Zahra, Azzaoui Fatima-Zahra, Ahami Ahmed, Hoddah Hana, Sadek Sanae, Bouchikh Khalid, El kebir Hanane

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Science

Survey of Moroccan Health Ministry found that 48.9% of 5600 persons in the general population had a mental disorder and 26.5% were depressed. Objectives: The objective of this epidemiological study is to identify the socioeconomic and neuropsychiatrical profiles of patients examined at the Hospital Moulay El Hassan of Kenitra city (Northwest of Morocco) for psychiatric disorders. Subjects and Methods: This research is a retrospective study conducted between February 2010 and December 2013, among 5618 patients (between 1 and 90 years of age). The study is realized on the basis of social and clinical data existing in patients records. Results: The most important obtained results show that in 5618 cases studied, about 50% of women and about 50% of men patients had suffered from psychiatric disorders. Moreover, mood disorders were the most common reasons for hospitalization (38.24%). The other psychiatric disorders were schizophrenia and psychotic disorders (17.55%), followed by anxiety disorders (13.65%). In addition, 71% of patients dont have parents alive and 51.62% of patients suffering from mood disorders are married and 51.61% are divorced. The proportion of illiterate patients is 42.98% and inactive or unemployed patients (85.87%). Conclusion: The prevalence of mental disorders in the Gharb region is important. It affects both men and women and are more developed in some socioeconomic categories. However, deeper investigations are needed in order to identify the factors that contribute to raising of these disorders in the society. Keywords: Mental disorders, Hospital, Kenitra, Morocco.