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Comparative assessment of memory performance between children with epilepsy and healthy children

Zarghi A, Zali A, Ashrafi F, Bandegani N, Moazzezi S, Lotfi M

Journal Title:Basic Research Journal of Medicine and Clinical Science

Backgrounds: This current research study which was done with the purpose of memory performance comparison between two different groups of healthy children and children with epilepsy (25 girls and 25 boys) took place in Tehran with the age range of 10-12 years old. Methods: The students were selected through simple random sampling method. They were all assessed in the medical center of children and Tehrans Andishe primary school (boys and girls branches). Benton test and Wechsler memory sub-test (Form A) were the applied tools for data gathering. Results: The gathered data displayed a significant difference between scores of Benton test and Wechsler memory sub-tests including personal and general information, orientation, mind control, logical memory, repeating numbers straigtly or reversely, learning and memory) between healthy children and those with epilepsy. Conclusion: The performance of memory in healthy children was greater than children with epilepsy. Generally, considering the memory deficit and attention disorder, epilepsy children require both memory and attention rehabilitation for a better quality of life. Keywords: Memory, Impairment, children, Epilepsy